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Internship and Research Experience Funding

Together with funds from generous donors and departmental support, Villanova students are eligible to apply for funding to help them complete unpaid and low-paying summer internships and research experiences.

Each of the funding opportunities are outlined below, in addition to policies and procedures associated with applying for and receiving funding for internships. We encourage you to carefully read through descriptions of each funding opportunity and the policies and procedures to understand your options.

About this Fund: Together with the generosity of donors and the Career Center, students are eligible to apply for award amounts up to $5,000 per student for an unpaid or low-paying summer internship. The total amount of funding available is limited each year. Every effort will be made to assist students who apply, but funding is not guaranteed. Students will be notified of decisions by the end of April and award amounts will be disbursed in early May.

About this Fund: The Moran Center for Global Leadership provides financial support for VSB students engaged in a variety of international business activities, including summer internships. Funding is available for a variety of programs.

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About this Fund: Through the generosity of a number of donors to Villanova who recognize the importance of professional development opportunities for undergraduate students, the Office for Undergraduate Students (OUS) in CLAS provides funds for student experiences that emphasize professional and career exploration and growth, including internship experiences.

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About this Fund: This scholarship aims to provide financial support for engineering undergraduate students, to complete a semester of study and/or to spend the summer engaged in an international internship experience abroad. A preference will be given to electrical and computer engineers, and those interning in Ireland, however all engineering majors and internship locations are encouraged to apply. 

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About this Fund: The Philadelphia Area Social Justice Internship (PASJI) is sponsored by the Center for Peace and Justice Education and the Campus Ministry Center for Service and Social Justice. The program provides Villanova undergraduates (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) a funded opportunity to do social justice work in the greater Philadelphia region over the summer, accompanied by opportunities for shared reflections among the student cohort.

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About this Fund: The goal of the Presidential Scholars Program Professional Development Award (PSP-PDA) is to help Presidential Scholars participate in educationally- and/or professionally-enriching activities that might not otherwise be possible without these enrichment award funds.

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About this Fund: Members of the Villanova Public Policy Society have generously raised funds to support a limited number of summer stipends for unpaid public policy internships in Washington DC. 

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About this Fund: The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (VURF) is designed to provide financial support for student research during the summer. The Undergraduate Research Advisory Board determines funding allocations to be awarded as stipends for student researchers as well as funding for supplies, travel, and conference support.

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Policies and Procedures for Internship Funding

The below policies & procedures apply to funds distributed to students to support their completion of internship experiences.

Student Eligibility:
 Funding is available to degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants must be eligible to work in the applicable location, in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time of application and remain in good standing throughout the internship. Additional, specific eligibility requirements are outlined for each funding source and may be subject to a check of your level of financial need determined by Villanova’s Office of Financial Assistance.

Internship and Employer Eligibility: The internship must meet the specific requirements for nature of the internship outlined in the descriptions provided by the review committee for each fund. Both U.S. and international internships should follow applicable employment laws in the host country. Villanova cannot determine whether any internship satisfies employment law criteria. Review committees may, in their discretion, require students who participate in this program with US-based internships to have their employer certify that they have reviewed and will abide by the US Department of Labor criteria established in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The following criteria serve as automatic disqualification for internship funding:

  • Incomplete application at time of deadline or submission of materials after the deadline
  • Unsupervised internships
  • Internship site or organization is owned or managed by member of intern's family
  • Inaccurate representation of internship or employer information
  • Current, significant academic or disciplinary conduct violations
  • Transferring or withdrawing from Villanova before or during the internship, or intent to transfer or withdraw from Villanova after the internship is completed

Selection Committee & Criteria: Applications will be reviewed by committees of Villanova faculty and staff who manage the funds. The review committees may consider the following factors: academic standing, disciplinary status, financial need (as determined by the Office of Financial Assistance), nature of the internship, and the connection between the internship and the applicant's career interests. Students who have financial holds on their accounts with the Bursar’s office will need to clear those holds in order to receive funding. 

Disbursement of Award: Awards will be distributed according to each fund’s specific disbursement schedule and in coordination with the Office of Financial Assistance and Bursar’s Office. Changes to the disbursement schedule of awards will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Once the funding is accepted, it is expected that a student will complete the internship experience as outlined within the application. Otherwise, funding may be withheld or be required to be returned to the University. 

Should extenuating circumstances arise that may prevent a student from completing the internship, the student must follow the following procedures and guidelines :

  • If extenuating circumstances arise, (e.g., a student has a life event or encounters significant difficulty completing an internship experience), the student should notify the Villanova official(s) who manage the internship funds within 1 week of that event or difficulty occurring.
  • The Villanova official(s) managing the internship funds will work with the student to determine whether there are options to enable the student to continue the experience. Every effort will be made to support students in seeking a safe, high-quality internship experience.
  • If a student completes 50% or more of internship experience prior to the disruption by extenuating circumstances, the student will be entitled to keep the full funding provided.
  • If a student completes less than 50% of the internship experience prior to the disruption by extenuating circumstances, the student may be asked to pay a pro-rated refund, based on the amount of funds already received and the portion of the internship not completed (and payments of funds not already received by the student may be suspended or terminated). Students may be able to keep all funding if arrangements can be made that demonstrate the student will complete an alternate career experience, research or other work that is consistent with the goals and spirit of the original internship application that is acceptable to the Villanova official(s) managing the funds in their sole discretion.

Post-Internship Expectations: Following the completion of the internship, students must complete an evaluation reflecting on the internship’s impact on their academic and career goals. Acceptance of funds by a student constitutes agreement that Villanova may use the student’s name and likeness in materials related to the internship funds, unless the student timely submits to the Villanova official(s) managing the funds a written and signed request to opt out of such materials. Recipient further agrees to be available as requested for activities such as thank you letters, information sessions, and donor-recognition events.

Tax & Financial Aid Implications: Students are responsible for consulting with Office of Financial Assistance to estimate the impact, if any, of an internship award on their financial aid package. Students should consult a tax advisor for guidance regarding any federal and state income tax requirements which may apply. International Students should consult with the Office of International Students Services or a tax advisor for assistance regarding eligibility to work and tax requirements.