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For Undergraduate Students

The Career Center is here to assist you with decisions regarding your future career.

The Career Center assists Villanova undergraduates, graduate students and alumni with all aspects of career exploration, planning and decision-making. The Career Center Team educates Villanovans on identifying career paths, obtaining opportunities, networking, and applying to graduate and professional school. The Career Center hosts hundreds of events throughout the year – including how-to workshops, networking sessions and employer recruiting events.

Foundational to this work is our focus on helping Villanovans align their values with the opportunities and organizations they seek. The Career Center helps students and alumni think critically about their career goals, be reflective and thoughtful in their actions, and feel empowered and supported to achieve success.

The Career Center is also able to provide notary services to students at no additional cost. Services offered include: Verification of Oath or Affirmation, Witnessing or Attesting a Signature, Acknowledgement of a Signature and Certification of Records.

The Career Development Team consists of career counselors who provide assistance to students and alumni in developing application materials — resumes, cover letters, personal statements, LinkedIn profile — practicing interviewing and networking skills and learning the fundamentals of any successful job or internship search. They are eager to assist you in exploring majors, careers and career readiness. If it is your first time making a career appointment at the Career Center, it is recommended you meet with a career counselor to help you get started.

They collaborate with campus partners, academic departments, alumni and student groups to host events and workshops to help you explore your strengths, grow your professional skills, and discover how career paths and specific skillsets align with your career goals.

Considering graduate or professional school? We have counselors who specialize in these areas. Explore legal or health career options, discuss the application process, review personal statements and learn how to land opportunities post-graduation.

Our team of Industry Advisors provides industry-specific career support to students and young alumni with focused career goals within a particular company or sector. They possess knowledge of recruiting practices, trends, hiring timelines and professional connections to enhance your job or internship search.

They collaborate with organizations, campus partners, academic departments, alumni and student groups to host industry-focused events, workshops and immersion programs to help you pursue opportunities within your field(s) of interest.

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