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Nova Network

The Nova Network is Villanova's official social and professional networking platform. By joining the Nova Network, you will be able to network with Villanovans in your industry or city, share career advice or gain insights from experienced professionals, and access career development resources designed for your level of experience.

Nova Network Student Walkthrough

It is easy to access the Nova Network—You can even log in using LinkedIn, which will automatically populate much of the information in your Nova Network profile. 

See our walk-through videos here:

Alumni Sign-up Video | Student Sign-up Video | Tips for logging in using LinkedIn

Please note that the email address you use for registration will become the preferred email address that the Villanova University Alumni Association uses to contact you.

The Nova Network will recommend professional networking connections based on your profile information. In the networking area, you can also browse our community of professionals by company, industry, major, a location of interest and more.

You decide how you would like to be involved in the Nova Network, such as sharing industry trends, discussing work/life balance, helping with resume or interview prep, and more! You choose how much you’d like to help and how many emails you receive—and you may adjust your settings at any time.

Once you are logged onto the Nova Network, click on your Profile in the top right corner of the screen.  Scroll down to Additional Information.  Update your information and save. These details will now be the university’s official information for you.

  • Network with other Villanovans. Select the "Network" tab and use the search tool to find Villanovans in your areas of interest. You can connect online, set up a video chat or meet in person.
  • Join a group. Check out the groups created based on region and interest. Whether you choose Villanovans in Healthcare or the New York Metro Area, groups are a great way to learn about industry trends and regional events in the Nova Network.
  • Start a discussion. Use the Discussion tab to post or answer questions to other Wildcats.
  • Access resources. Explore topical articles, webinars and tools posted in the Resources section.
  • Invite classmates. Use the email tool or referral link to encourage your Villanova friends and colleagues to join the Nova Network.
  • Be active! We encourage you to ask questions. Everyone in the Nova Network is here to connect and support one another.

Yes! You can choose who is able to view your profile, whether you wish to be available for networking and how many inbound messages or meeting requests you would like to receive each month. 

If you are having trouble logging in, please contact For help logging in using LinkedIn, read these tips.

If you are logged in and have a technical issue, email  

If you would like to learn more about the Nova Network in general, contact