About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive career services, empowering members of the Villanova University community to choose and attain personally rewarding careers. We serve that mission in a variety of ways:

Individualized Career Planning

Counselors on the Career Center's team are available to discuss choice of major and career, conduct mock interviews and connect students with opportunities via our digital resources and events.

Employment Services

Hundreds of employers work with the Career Center to offer campus interviews, collect resumes and list positions through Handshake. Employers also participate in career fairs and campus programs throughout the year, providing information about their organization and helping students write resumes or prepare for interviews.

Events & Programs

Our career fairs are our most visible programs and throughout the year we also offer resume and interview workshops, career and industry panels, and presentations to classes and student organizations. The Teacher Job Fair, Big East Career Fair, and the Non-Profit Career Fair are held with local university consortia.

Career Café

Career and industry publications are available as well as computers for research and preparation of career materials. The coffee's always free in our office.

Career Center Core Values


We strive to ensure that all are heard, respected and valued.

Holistic Approach

We recognize the unique needs of each person, acknowledge the multitude of factors that influence decision-making and maintain an environment of trust, honesty and transparency.

Continuous Learning

We embrace a growth mindset and stay open to all opportunities to learn, innovate and educate.


We make meaningful connections between opportunities, people, resources and ideas.


We take time to encourage each other and celebrate success in all its forms.

Office Information

Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pm

Drop-in Hours: 1pm - 3pm during the Fall & Spring semesters when classes are in session

Phone: 610-519-7191

Fax: 610-519-7828

Office Location: Garey Hall 117

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