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Post-Graduation Outcomes

Each year the Career Center conducts a survey of the graduating class to learn more about the career choices made by Villanova graduates. The survey period lasts up to six months after the graduation date for the class. This survey assists the Career Center in assessing the initial salary levels offered in various fields and in various cities. Information collected is helpful to the Career Center staff in counseling and advising students and alumni, and the results of the survey provide valuable insight for faculty members, students and parents about the wide range of opportunities currently available to Villanova students.

Villanova University graduates are achieving success and impacting the world with positive change. No matter the focus, a Villanova education starts with a foundation in liberal arts —and, as a result Villanovans think-critically and become well-rounded leaders. Discover where a Villanova bachelor's degree can take you by using our interactive outcomes explorer.

Undergraduate Outcomes by Major

Our students' first destinations are displayed in the following interactive reports by outcome -- Employed, Continuing Education, Military Service and Volunteering & Service.

To get started, choose an outcome, and then filter by graduation year, college or major to view the specifics on where our students landed after graduation.

This data set is best viewed in a desktop experience. For additional accessibility information, visit Microsoft's Accessibility in PowerBI article.

Salary Information

Villanovans know how to think critically, communicate effectively and approach complex global matters with an ethical lens of curiosity and optimism. The well-rounded, liberal arts-based education provided at Villanova University make our bachelor’s degree recipients attractive for a variety of roles.

The salary by job function data for our graduates showcases a strong demand for Villanovans in a diverse range of job functions.

Outcomes Brochures

Digital versions of our hard-copy outcomes brochures are available for viewing and downloading. These pieces are shared with the greater Villanova community in a variety of ways including campus events.