Report Your Post-Grad Outcome and Internships

The Career Center regularly collects information to learn more about the career choices made by Villanova students and conducts a survey of our graduating classes each year. This survey assists the Career Center in assessing the initial salary levels offered in various fields and in various cities and is helpful to our staff in advising students and alumni. The results of the survey provide valuable insight for faculty members, students and parents about the wide range of opportunities available to Villanova students. 


To report your successes:

Click below to log in* and enter your post-graduation plans,

(e.g., job acceptance or continuing education) and any undergraduate internships at: 

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If you are reporting your internship(s):

Click the "Add Internship" and "Accepted Internship Offer" buttons to begin your entry. Note that you can also enter summer research experiences by clicking on the "Other Summer Experience" section and selecting "Research" in the dropdown box. The definition of "internship" in this instance refers to a work experience related to your field of study or career interest. If you have completed more than one internship, please enter them all.

If you are reporting a full-time job offer acceptance:

Please also report your previous internship experiences


How we use this information:

Data collected in these surveys is kept anonymous externally, meaning no individual information identifying a student or graduate will be released outside of the university. Aggregate results from the data collected are reported to accreditation and reporting agencies deemed appropriate and necessary by and for the university. Data is shared with Villanova Schools and Colleges who contribute to the data collection process.

The university also uses this information to inform conversations with recruiting organizations and partnering organizations. Understanding the destinations of our graduates, organizations that hire them and educational institutions that accept them, helps us build strong relationships with partners who help make the university successful. 

Finally, the information collected here is important for advising current and future students about the value of a Villanova education. We create reports on graduates' first destinations and publish those reports on our website so that students and future students can learn about the next steps possible after graduation.