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For Parents

We look forward to partnering with you to prepare our students professionally and to connect them to the best opportunities.

The Career Center offers guidance on all aspects of career planning, job searching and graduate studies. We provide the following services to all undergraduates, graduate students and alumni.

The Career Center is here to help students sort out their choices and make decisions that lead to productive, fulfilling lives. You can play an integral part in your child's career development by encouraging them to seek assistance from the Career Center. 

The areas your child studies, the activities they choose to explore their interests and pre-professional experiences all help to make career plans clearer. This Four Year Plan suggests a timeframe for their college experience and career development. This is meant to be a general timeline; individuals will vary in their progress. We encourage students to check in with a career counselor at any point in the process as they develop ideas for the future.

Professional counselors provide guidance on topics such as career choices, choosing a major, the job search, graduate school advising, as well as administer the Strong Interest Inventory. Students may make appointments for individual counseling through Handshake or take advantage of our drop-in hours. In addition, we have e-mail communication with students through a major specific database in which all of our events, workshops, information on employers, etc. are listed in the UCC Update which is emailed every Sunday at 4PM.

We maintain a database of full time, part time and summer jobs/internships. Students can view listings for jobs and internships 24/7. Handshake is our primary job posting resource and also manages the On Campus Recruiting Program. Students are encouraged to fill out a detailed profile, upload resumes and check often for the latest postings.

Approximately 400 organizations visit campus each year to interview for full time and internship positions. The majority of the employers who participate in this program project a certain number of hires for the current year and will come to campus during the Fall or Spring semester. It is extremely important to be aware of application deadlines so your child does not miss any opportunities.

Registration booklets for graduate school testing and preparation software are available. The Career Center Library houses resources useful in identifying programs and tools to aid in the application process. Workshops are also available to help students navigate the graduate school admission process. Pre-Law Advising is available through the Career Center, and an additional office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences assists students with Health Professions Advising

A number of large and smaller events are designed to build skills, provide employer contacts, and increase an understanding of career options. Most programs are on campus, but some are offered off-site with local university consortia. Still, others are managed by commercial organizations to increase opportunities for Villanova students and alumni. Career Fairs are offered throughout the academic year. Workshops are listed in the calendar of events, emails and online. Information Sessions can be formal presentations or a networking event, through which organizations come to Villanova to present their organizations to our students. They are often held the evening before their On-Campus Recruiting date. Contact the Career Center with questions about any of these events.

Videotaped practice interviews help job applicants discern interviewing strengths and weaknesses. There is also a web based practice interview tool that helps candidates gain confidence by better knowing and preparing themselves for interviews. Students can conduct self-assessments or share their answers with a counselor for more personalized feedback.

Specially trained student volunteers assist other students with resume preparation, organizing a job search and other Career Center services.

Credential files containing reference materials used to support graduate school or employment requirements may be established and accessed through the Career Center.

The Career Center administers the Strong Interest Inventory. The student's answers to this questionnaire - what you say you like and dislike - determine the results. The Strong Interest Inventory can help them identify general areas of interests as well as specific activities and occupations that they might want to explore further. Understanding their profile will help them find their career focus and begin career exploration. A career counselor will assist with the inventory and help the student identify options as a result of the assessment report.

Our drop-in hours are Monday through Friday from 11AM - 3PM during the academic year. Students can make an appointment to meet one-on-one with a career counselor Monday through Friday from 9AM - 5PM.

  • Share your insights about what they might like. You know your student best. Encourage them to pursue passions and strengths when exploring opportunities.
  • Reinforce the ways of the "real world" by holding your student accountable for being on-time and dressed appropriately. 
  • Help them feel comfortable speaking with adults. Verbal conversation is declining to email and texting. Practice makes perfect; there are numerous opportunities to speak with alumni and professionals here on campus.
  • Be open and understanding. College is a time for exploration and self-discovery. Your student may consider many majors and career options throughout the experience. Support them through this process, as it can be overwhelming.
  • Let them know that help is available but that they have to ask for it. College is very different from high school. Career counselors, faculty advisors, campus ministers, health professionals, resident assistants, orientation counselors, staff and others are all eager and ready to provide support when called upon.