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Electronics Waste Recycling

old computers and other e-waste

Villanova University Waste & Recycling works with UNIT and other departments across campus to help properly recycle all of the University‚Äôs computer and electronics waste. 


When ready to recycle your used or unwanted electronics, please submit a work request using the link to the right of this page.  Our team will come to collect your electronics for recycling.


Another option, for recycling smaller electronics, is to utilize our drop off locations throughout campus.  Please use this link for more information:

Electronics Waste, Battery, & Printer/Toner Cartridge Recycling Drop Off Locations



If you are recycling an old computer, before placing a work order with Villanova Recycling, contact UNIT to have the hard drive wiped of any sensitive material.



IMPORTANT!  Before recycling, please contact UNIT to wipe all data from hard drives, computers, or mobile devices



When recycling E Waste, Villanova University is proud to partner with PAR Recycle Works, a Philadelphia nonprofit electronics recycling organization, who provides transitional employment to people returning from prison. 

PAR Recycle Works' mission is to deconstruct electronics and destroy data to generate revenue and pay their employees. By providing their employees with skills and opportunities, PAR-Recycle Works helps to build safer communities and contribute to stronger families while saving taxpayer money.

Aside from recycling all of VU's electronics waste, Villanova University Waste & Recycling works with PAR Recycle Works to host a free E Waste Recycling Event on campus each year.  This 2 day event is open to all members of the VU community to bring in personal electronics waste for recycling at no charge.  Please see VU Waste & Recycling's homepage for details and dates of those events.



For more information about the services provided by PAR Recycle Works, click on the image below:

PAR Recycle Works video
PAR Recycle Works video