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Welcome to FMO

Welcome to FMO

Villanova University Facilities Management Office (FMO) employs more than 230 talented and professional individuals who manage campus construction, maintenance, and infrastructure.

We are an in-house team of engineers, project managers, safety and environmental specialists, skilled craftspeople, groundskeepers, and custodial service staff who take great pride in delivering superior services, modern facilities, and a healthy environment for students, faculty, and staff. In addition, we partner with selected firms on a number of our campus projects.  

Our goal is to effectively operate and maintain Villanova’s unique combination of historic structures and state of the art facilities to provide a safe, functional, clean, and picturesque campus living and learning environment.  In keeping with our University commitment to sustainability, a key component of our service to you is to continuously look for better ways to complete our tasks and preserve our natural resources.  

“As stewards of the University’s resources and facilities, we are committed to providing outstanding support to the Villanova University community. Please let us know what we can do to serve you.”

Robert H. Morro,  P.E.
Vice President for Facilities Management