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Confidential Document Destruction

shredded documents

Villanova University offers a confidential shredding & recycling program for the destruction of documents or other sensitive materials.  Please contact the Recycling Department at or 610-519-4466 for more information. A work request must be submitted using the link to the right in order to schedule a collection.

In order for us to continue providing this service, we need your cooperation with the following details:

  • Please do not place anything in shredding bins that isn't paper.  Binder clips, metal folder supports, or other non-paper items can damage the shredding equipment or render the entire load of paper as not recyclable.  Staples are ok.
  • Do not place items into shredding bins that do not need to be shredded.  It costs much more to shred and recycle than it does to just recycle unwanted paper.  If your paper does not contain confidential information, please just recycle it in a single-stream recycling bin.   

Following these instructions will help keep our costs down and ensure that we can keep this program affordable and available to everyone on campus.