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At Villanova we are committed to making a difference and taking an active role in preserving our environment. Through the waste and recycling program, we realize the importance of preserving conserving our natural resources for future generations through waste reduction and other sustainability initiatives.

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The Waste and Recycling program encourages source reduction, green purchasing, reuse and environmentally responsible trash disposal in addition to recycling. Through recycling, the campus community has discovered that making a small effort can achieve large results. Since the program began in 1990, the recycling program has recycled nearly 55 million pounds of material. Continued support will be necessary to reduce our overall waste, and improve our ecological footprint.

Villanova University is a Single-Stream Recycler, which means all common recyclable items can be placed into the same recycling bin or dumpster.  There's no need to sort items first.  For a list of what is or is not recyclable through our single stream program, please refer to our recycling guide.

If you would like additional information, you may contact Villanova's Waste and Recycling Manager, Al Motel, at or 610-519-4466.