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Waste Programs on Campus

The Waste and Recycling program encourages source reduction, green purchasing, reuse, and environmentally responsible trash disposal in addition to recycling.

Through reuse and recycling, the campus community has discovered that making a small effort can achieve large results. Since the program began in 1990, the recycling program has recycled nearly 68 million pounds of material. Continued support will be necessary to reduce our overall waste, and improve our ecological footprint.

To make it easier for consumers on campus to know where to throw their waste, and reduce contamination, we're in the process of color coding all of our waste bins and signage to match a specific waste stream.  This initiative is called our Waste Uniformity Project.



Click on the color-coded links below to learn more about each of our campus waste streams.  

Single Stream Recycling
Food Waste/Organics
Liquid Waste/Beverage Waste
Other Waste





For more information, click on one of these links below:

Why Recycle?
Waste Minimization

Bin Standards