Abbey Theatre Exchange Program

The Abbey Theatre Exchange Program

The Abbey Theatre Exchange Program with Villanova University was established in 2011. This exchange links the University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with the prestigious national theater of Ireland. The Abbey Theatre was founded in 1904 by W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory. The Abbey Theatre occupies an important place in the Irish psyche, both at home and abroad. It is committed to creating “world-class theatre that actively engages with and reflects Irish society,” the theatre, which works to preserve the works of classical Irish playwrights as well as foster emerging talent, remains one of the most enduring institutions in literary history.

The Villanova-Abbey Theatre Exchange Program seeks to provide a home away from home for the Abbey Theatre, as these two institutions work to further enrich their artistic and intellectual traditions.  Through lectures, workshops, and other activities, the Exchange Program will advance dialogue between audiences, students, playwrights, scholars, and theater practitioners—strengthening the University’s bond with Ireland, and the Abbey Theatre’s bond with America. 


The Abbey Theatre Summer Studio 

The Abby Theatre Summer Studio invites undergraduate students from all disciplines to Dublin to study the literature, history, and practice of Irish theatre. This unique three-credit course examines the major works and history of the Abbey Theatre and trains students in the production techniques of Irish theatre. From the studio to the stage, students will study the workings and history of the worldclass theatre while developing their own theatre skills, knowledge, and practice. Student work will culminate in an evening of performances by students on the Abbey Theatre's Peacock stage.


Abbey Theatre Internship Application Guidelines

The Villanova University-Abbey Theatre Exchange Internship Program will provide a grant to a Villanova student to intern at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland during the summer season.  Founded in 1904, the Abbey Theatre is a world-class institution that actively engages and reflects Irish society.  It is also one of the most enduring institutions in literary history and has long occupied an important place in Irish emigrant cultures around the world.  The paid internship will begin at the end of May and continue for eight weeks into July.  The student will work alongside theatre professionals in the day-to-day operations of Ireland’s national theatre and help run a new program—the Abbey Theatre Summer Studio.  Junior and senior undergraduates and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Villanova University are eligible.  Applications are due March 1.

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*A one-two page letter of intent should accompany your application, stating why you would like to study in the Abbey Theatre Summer Studio.  Online applications are available through the Office of Education Abroad.

Lauren Fanslau, Villanova Graduate Student, Intern for the Abbey Theatre Exchange Program 2013

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