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Learning Communities Abroad Summer Internship

Spend the summer interning in Dublin or London

Villanova Learning Communities Abroad

The Learning Communities Abroad Summer Internship programs give first-year students the chance to experience a unique international experience. In either London or Dublin, students participate in an 8-week study abroad program, consisting of a 3-credit Villanova-taught course, a 3-credit internship, and exciting cultural immersions and excursions.

Students will:

  • Increase awareness of academic interests, allowing for a more effective and fulfilling selection of major, which students do during the beginning sophomore year;
  • Build professional experiences into a resume, to be more competitive for future employment, summer internships, research opportunities, etc.;
  • Stimulate students’ interest in further study abroad later in the college career;
  • Increase intercultural competencies that both employers and academia increasingly demand;
  • Challenge students’ pre-conceived notions of the world through immersion in a foreign culture.


LCA Dublin


LCA London