Transfer 101: Welcome to Villanova

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Dear Villanova University New Students & Families,

Welcome to Villanova! On behalf of our faculty, staff, current students, and alumni, we are thrilled to welcome you to our community!


2023 New Student Orientation Theme 

“Seize the Opportunity to Embrace New Beginnings.” Rooted in our Augustinian Catholic values and desire to ignite change, each of you will help propel Villanova forward. We cannot wait for you to begin your journey.


Important Dates

New Student Orientation is scheduled for August 19-22, 2023. Details regarding each day of Orientation are included below: 

Opening Day: Saturday, August 19 (for family members and students)

The morning of Opening Day can be spent getting settled, navigating the Villanova area, and taking placement tests, as necessary. At 1 p.m., the University Welcome begins our Orientation programming for students and family members, which ends with mass and a picnic. The picnic will conclude at 6:30 p.m., with students continuing with Orientation activities and family members departing from campus. We encourage loved ones to stay overnight in the local area if they are traveling long distances. 

Orientation: Saturday Evening, August 19-Tuesday, August 22 (for students)

These four days will be spent in small groups, led by our Transfer Counselors, to help incoming students navigate their new surroundings and begin familiarizing themselves with campus life. Students attend events hosted by their academic deans, presentations regarding resources and campus life, and get to enjoy evening entertainment and participate in one of Villanova’s favorite traditions, the Commissioning Ceremony for New Students.  


A Message from our Transfer Captain:

Hello, Transfer Students, and welcome to Villanova University! 

My name is Angela Silvi, and I have the privilege of being this year's Transfer Captain for our New Student Orientation Program! I, alongside my five Transfer Counselors, will be leading all of the Transfer Students through a four-day Orientation program in August. This program will give you valuable resources, information and handy tips to allow you to get adjusted to Villanova. We will also be a support system for you after the four days are over, as Transfer-specific questions may still arise after the scheduled programming is finished! 

I transferred myself back in the fall of 2021 and went through exactly what you are currently going through. If you are nervous, that is absolutely okay. Transferring is a courageous step and there are a lot of new things to navigate. However, know that you have a team of Transfer Counselors that are ready and able to help with any bump that you may encounter! Lean into the unknown and know that everyone is in this together. 

Here are some important tips as you begin the transfer process: 

  • Schedule a meeting with your Academic/Transfer Advisor to register for classes and begin talking about credit evaluations. You will also meet with your College during our Orientation program.
  • We invite you to join the Transfer Facebook Group! It is called Villanova 2023 Transfer Students. This page can be used to connect with other transfers and to ask any questions you may have! 
  • Transfer students are not guaranteed on-campus housing. Begin to look for off-campus housing. Many transfers (especially in their first year) room with other transfer students in housing local to Villanova’s campus. 
  • Get so excited for all of the special things we have planned to welcome you to your new home here at Villanova. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at all! 

Angela Silvi

Transfer Captain, New Student Orientation Program


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New Student Orientation

Villanova University
Dougherty Hall
800 E. Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, Pa. 19085


Office Hours: Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

January Transfers

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Watch for more information to arrive in the mail after you enroll. You will also be contacted by the Dean's Office of your College with specific information about your academic program.

Get involved—it's the best way to get your Villanova experience off to a great start!