Villanova welcomes you to our community! By participating in Transfer Student Orientation, incoming transfer students will learn more about services and programming crafted specifically to help you transition to your new university home.


About the Program

Transfer Orientation provides students the opportunity to learn what makes Villanova unique in addition to meeting other students also beginning their first year at Villanova.

The program is led by a group of Transfer Counselors (TC's)—veteran transfer students—who have successfully made the transition to Villanova and are now eager to support you during your own experience. Orientation will focus on the issues most important to transfer students and is great way to learn how you can get involved and take advantage of all that Villanova has to offer!

Transfer Orientation will begin on Thursday, Aug. 19 and runs through Sunday, Aug. 22 based on the current acamdeic calendar.  

Throughout Orientation, transfer students will attend events, presentations and evening entertainment highlighting what it means to be a Villanovan.



January Transfers

Student holding encourgagement sign

Watch for more information to arrive in the mail after you enroll. You will also be contacted by the Dean's Office of your College with specific information about your academic program.

Get involved—it's the best way to get your Villanova experience off to a great start!

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