Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month



Philadelphia’s Chinatown: Past, Present, and Future

6-7:30 p.m., Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine Street, Philadelphia

Hosted by the Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest



A Work in Progress: The Filipino Literary Voice of Survival

4:30 p.m., Corr Hall (The SUITE) Room 110 

Hosted by the Office of Belonging and Inclusion, Department of English and Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



"What Does It Mean to be Asian?"

6 p.m., Corr Hall (The SUITE) Room 109

Hosted by the Office of Belonging and Inclusion



Mochi Donuts and Bubble Tea: AAPI Heritage Month Celebration Social

1-2:30 p.m., The SUITE Back Lounge, Corr Hall (the SUITE) Room 115 (bubble tea) and Falvey Library, First Floor (mochi donuts) 

Hosted by the Office of Belonging and Inclusion; co-sponsored by Falvey Library


This May, we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and recognize that AAPI communities are not a monolith. This heritage month encompasses many cultures, peoples and their traditions. To highlight the extent of AAPI heritage, we asked Villanova students to share what their AAPI heritage means to them and our John M. Cooney Endowed Professor in Accounting, Lucy Chen, PhD, to share her thoughts on AAPI Heritage Month.

"I encourage the young generation of Asian Americans to be open-minded and strong. Be passionate about whatever you do and fully apply your strength. Extend your network to people of similar and different races from you. Support one another." —Lucy Chen, John M. Cooney Endowed Professor in Accounting

"My Asian heritage has evolved from something I used to suppress in order to fit in, to something that is sacred to me and worth expressing time and time again." —Lily Renga, Class of 2025

"AAPI culture and heritage means celebrating the unique cultural knowledge of Asian and Pacific Island cultures. Growing up in Hawaii, I was surrounded by countless cultures across Asia and Polynesia, and during this month I am reminded of the indigenous knowledge and wisdom that Polynesians have about celestial navigation." —Joaquin Mejia, Class of 2027

"My AAPI background—half Chinese and half Korean—has shaped me into the individual that I am today and allows me navigate personal/professional aspects of my life." —Cameryn Chiu, Class of 2025

"Being able to celebrate AAPI culture on campus creates a welcoming community and sense of belonging where I am able to share my background and experiences with others while also learning about other cultures. The Filipino presence is not only strong within FASA but also among the faculty here at Villanova. It makes me proud that I am able to see and interact with people who look like me, making me not feel alienated on campus." —Madison Storino, Class of 2025

"I'm proud of our rich cultures and resilient community." —Linh Le, Class of 2024

"AAPI heritage has shaped who I am today, inspiring me to give back to my community." —Tran "Tessa" Nguyen, Class of 2024

"Being a Pacific Islander gives me a profound sense of identity and uniqueness, a rich and peaceful cultural heritage that stands distinct and unblended, instilling in me a deep pride and confidence in various aspects of life." —An Phan, Class of 2027

"AAPI heritage reminds me of the beauty in cultural diversity and the imperative to stand in solidarity with marginalized communities, promoting mutual respect and appreciation for all." —Quyen Nguyen, Class of 2026

"AAPI month is a time for me to reflect on my identity, appreciate and respect the cultural differences that exist, and to learn more about our history." —Michelle Ky, Class of 2024

"As an Asian American, AAPI culture and heritage are the threads that weave my identity, grounding me in rich traditions and inspiring resilience in the face of adversity." —Ashley Kim, Class of 2024