As an Augustinian Catholic institution of higher education, Villanova University believes that all human life is sacred and that injustice, violence, and hatred have no place at Villanova or anywhere else. Therefore, after consultation with the Villanova University Board of Trustees, Villanova University’s response to issues, events and injustices impacting our world (and not directly affecting our campus) will be focused on creating meaningful and appropriate ways to engage the Villanova community. This response may include the following:

  • Offering resources and support to members of the Villanova community who may be struggling in response to recent events;
  • Communicating and hosting community campus events, panels, discussions, etc., to discuss the particular event and allow community members to dialogue on the subject;
  • Providing space for community members to come together for prayer, gatherings and/or vigils to reflect, grieve, and gain strength from one another;
  • Encouraging faculty to discuss current events in their courses and fostering open dialogue for students; and
  • Supporting collaboration between students and faculty on research, publication, etc., related to issues and events.

Moving forward, University statements will only be issued regarding events, happenings and occurrences that directly impact the Villanova community, our educational mission or both. This may include events occurring on our campus, legislation impacting our ability to deliver on our academic mission, and other such happenings.

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of a true education.”  My hope is that focusing on action-oriented and education-based responses to happenings in our world will best serve our community and the communities in which we reside.