A Villanova Peace and Justice minor allows students to create a course of study to complement their primary discipline. 

Students pursuing the PJ minor come from Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Business and Engineering. Many PJ courses fulfill core requirements or can overlap with courses for a major. Some PJ courses are global in focus while others concentrate on more local issues. Whether you are passionate about economic justice, environmental issues, racial justice, peacebuilding, or social activism, the PJ minor is flexible enough to build on your interests. Each semester, a wide variety of professors from different departments teach PJ courses, assuring students a rich diversity of options that can further their PJ minor.


Center for Peace & Justice Education

Villanova University 
Corr Hall, 106
800 Lancaster Ave., Villanova, PA 19085




The Peace and Justice major has an academic partnership with the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), offering academic programs in six area studies, Gender and Women's Studies and Peace and Justice.