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The interdisciplinary curriculum of the Center for Peace and Justice Education is rooted in Villanova’s Augustinian tradition of education in the service of peace and social justice, with a particular emphasis on the poor and marginalized in society.  Students are prepared to understand the essential elements of a moral and just society, reflect on models for socially responsible resolution of injustice and conflict, and learn the necessary skills to be advocates for a just and peaceful world.

Our students value the seminar-style learning, dedicated faculty and rigorous discussions of urgent issues. Graduating seniors have noted that a particular course or faculty member, even a single conversation or social justice experience, has changed the trajectory of their lives. Students consistently speak of having their eyes opened and their hearts and minds broadened through the study of Peace and Justice. Here are the classrooms where you can grow academically, live out your passion for social change and prepare to become the person that the world needs.


To be approved for a PJ attribute, a course must include significant engagement with peace and/or social justice issues: the varieties of oppression, prospects and proposals for liberation, theories of justice, peace, and peacemaking, and the roots of violence and war. There should be some engagement with the themes of human dignity, the common good, solidarity, poverty, marginalization, or other concerns of Catholic Social Thought.

The course must examine and critique normative approaches to peace and/or justice globally and/or locally. Pedagogy must also include analytical and reflective discussion among other teaching methods.

The Center for Peace and Justice Education strongly urges instructors to support our sponsored programs and to encourage student participation in multiple events.

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The Peace and Justice major has an academic partnership with the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS), offering academic programs in six area studies, Gender and Women's Studies and Peace and Justice.