Integrate your studies with a combined Bachelor/Master Degree.

Students wishing to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies and the Master of Arts in Theology can earn a combined degree in as little as five years. The combined BA/MA in Theology is a 12 course (36 credits) program. During junior and senior years, students will replace four undergraduate elective courses with four graduate courses, which count toward both BA and MA degrees. At the end of the senior year, students receive the bachelor’s degree and transfer to graduate status in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. During the fifth year, including summer, students take eight graduate-level courses. The eighth (final) course will be covered by CLAS Graduate Studies tuition remission. Upon completion of all graduate program requirements, students receive the MA degree in Theology.

Undergraduate students joining the BA/MA program beginning fall 2022 will be required to complete the requirements for the 36-credit MA. Students with an admit term of spring or summer 2022 will complete the requirements for the 30-credit program. Please contact the Program Director for further information.


Benefits of the BA/MA program:
  • Expenses for courses that count towards both the Bachelor and the Master are covered by your undergraduate tuition and by tuition remission.
  • You are responsible for payment of seven graduate courses only.

Mark Graham, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Undergraduate Program

Department of Theology and Religious Studies
800 E. Lancaster Ave.
St. Augustine Center Room 203
Villanova, PA 19085

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