Political Science professor Camille Burge teaches a class.

The Political Science Department offers a bachelors in Political Science, a minor in Political Science, and a five-year bachelors/masters in Political Science. 

The political science faculty are teacher-scholars who help students understand the role politics plays in transforming the world at home and abroad. Our faculty take pride in mentoring their students and preparing them for fulfilling and successful personal and professional lives. Faculty and members of the Student Advisory Council work together closely in planning events and updating the curriculum. Our faculty members offer courses in American politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory.  Consequently, our curriculum encompasses courses on US domestic politics, the international factors that shape global affairs, as well as courses that compare the domestic politics of different regions of the globe, and courses that explore political ideas, philosophy and the ideologies that have shaped political behavior and outcomes in different parts of the world.



Political scientists quip that God gave all the easy problems to physicists because atoms are far less unruly and unpredictable than politicians, voters and nations. Analyzing political problems therefore requires discussion to draw from a wide range of theories and methodologies to understand political phenomena. Review the full course catalog here.

Our faculty speak ten different languages and they have learned over a dozen different software programs in order to turn their curiosity about the world into tangible insights to make it better. Their curiosity is not limited to their research but also extends to their students. They constantly try to pass on this curiosity to their students so that it can enrich their lives, they try to develop their analytical skills so that students learn to find their own answers, and they make sure that students graduate with a desire to become life-long learners. Review the full course catalog here.

Learning extends well beyond the classroom as our students have a chance to study abroad in the heart of Prague or to meet exchange students and faculty through our partnership with the University of Lille. Students may also enroll in the Minimester program in Washington, DC, participate in Villanova on the Hill and attend lectures and research presentations on campus. We also provide opportunities for our students to meet successful alumni and gain practical work experience through internships and practicum courses. Learn more about opportunities in the department.

Fathe Allen
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Political Science
Villanova University