Students and professor conversing in a political science class.

Political Science at Villanova helps you explore politics beyond the headlines, teaches you the techniques necessary to analyze it, and inspires you about its potential to shape your future.

Political science is an extraordinarily diverse field in terms of the political subjects that it covers, and the theoretical approaches and empirical methods that are used to study them. Our students gain substantive knowledge about how public policy, elections, constitutions, historical legacies, race, class and gender identities, ideologies, wars, markets and migration patterns interact to shape the collective decision-making in the United States, in other regions of the world, and between countries. Making sense of so many different factors is both exciting and intellectually challenging.

Political science requires careful listening to people, close reading of texts, sleuthing to find information, technical skills to analyze statistical or spatial data, and reasoning to develop cogent arguments. We teach our students how to make sense of the complexities of politics so that they can make sense of pretty much anything else that their future lives or employers will throw their way.

Fathe Allen
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Political Science
Villanova University


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