Villanova’s Political Science Department was founded in 1963 and currently encompasses a diverse faculty of nineteen members who offer courses in American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Philosophy. The faculty are actively involved in a wide range of research communities; they work on key issues that define our public debates; and they are committed to developing their students’ fullest potential.


In the context of Villanova’s liberal arts tradition, the Department of Political Science seeks to encourage in its students a commitment to intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and responsible civic engagement. Its curriculum helps students improve their skills of observation, critical reading, rigorous thought, careful evidence-based argumentation, effective communication, and to develop values of good citizenship. At the same time the Department supports the development of its faculty members as outstanding teacher-scholars who pursue truth through research and critical reflection on contemporary society.

Because our discipline studies a myriad of political challenges in diverse settings across the globe, we are firmly committed to both scholarship and teaching that draws from the widest possible array of backgrounds, lived experiences, and perspectives.

Villanova’s Department of Political Science is committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive departmental community of faculty, staff, and students. We value diversity in our department and in our discipline because it enriches our communities and our work.

Fathe Allen
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Political Science
Villanova University