The Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society sponsors unique internship opportunities at the Vatican or United Nations.

The Vatican internships are ideal for students interested in public relations, journalism and media production. Students assist Vatican-related offices with social media outreach and other tasks—seeing firsthand how people from vastly different backgrounds and cultures are united by words that capture shared beliefs. We have internships at the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, Catholic News Service, and Rome Reports.

WFI Internship at the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), gives students in rhetoric and in organizational communication the opportunity to participate in international advocacy intended to end rural poverty, by investing in rural people. Our WFI Interns at the UN have written speeches for IFAD officials, contributed to research projects and special events, blogged UN events around Italy, worked on internal IFAD communication projects, and have engaged in social media advocacy to assist in realizing IFAD's mission.

Students must be Communication majors who will have junior status by the time they go to Rome and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students are required to complete at least one, and preferably two courses in their area of interest (Public Relations, Journalism, Media Production, Organizational Communication, or Rhetorical Studies) prior to their semester in Rome. Experience with Italian is not required; however, it is a plus.

Interested students should apply at In addition to the application, you may also be expected to interview with the faculty member who advises your chosen internship. Selection for the program is quite competitive since there are a limited number of slots available each semester.


WFI Internships at Catholic News Service or Rome Reports (Journalism): Tom Ksiazek, PhD

WFI Internships at the Vatican Dicastery for Communication (Media Production or Public Relations): Amy Way, PhD

WFI Internships at the United Nations (Rhetorical Studies): Billie Murray, PhD

WFI Internships at the United Nations (Organizational Communication/Public Relations): Amy Way, PhD