Why Study Communication?

Communication is one of the most versatile degrees offered, leading graduates to secure employment in a range of industries including public relations, advertising, marketing communication, entertainment, publishing, journalism, politics (campaign fieldwork, speech writing), social media, human resources, training and development, and intercultural training and consulting—both in the private sector and nonprofits. Communication graduates also pursue postgraduate work in, e.g., law school, communication, public policy, health policy, organizational development, social work, counseling, and higher education administration. In addition to the above specific fields, all employers list communication as one of the top three skills needed for graduates to succeed across numerous professions and careers; in a 2017 report from the Chronicle of Higher Education, communication skills were ranked higher than problem-solving, collaboration, and relevant technical skills.


Professional Development

You’ll graduate with career-ready credentials, as the department provides a variety of professional development opportunities and resources including:

  • A commitment to fostering intercultural competence across the curriculum
  • One-credit courses about creating the “you” brand
  • A department-specific internship advisor and coordinator
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities through the Villanova Communication Alumni Network (VCAN)
  • Networking and career-related events through Lambda Pi Eta (the Communication Honor Society), and PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)
  • Opportunities to work with individual professors on research projects
  • Villanova on Set, an immersion program in partnership with Career Center for students to learn about the creative enterprise, production process and business management of the Hollywood television and film industry in Los Angeles.


Graduation and Graduate School

Villanova’s MA in Communication develops leaders capable of strategic and ethical thinking, speaking, writing and research on communication issues and problems, fostering critical competence and analytical rigor in the practice and study of communication.



Alumni Network

All alumni are invited to become members of Villanova Communication Alumni Network (VCAN). VCAN groups are active across the US, and events are held 2-3 times per year in the mid-Atlantic region.


Tom Ksiazek, PhD



Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Laura Capriotti

Garey Hall, Room 28


Administrative Assistant 

Loretta Chiaverini

Garey Hall, Room 28


Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program

Kelly Doyle

Garey Hall, Room 28