Villanova in the Valley program provides students from across Villanova's campus the opportunity to engage with the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

Over a six-day period, participants develop a deep understanding of the ecosystem through company visits, networking events, and educational tours. Participants hear first hand from investors, entrepreneurs, startups, large companies and innovators to learn what makes the ecosystem tick, the associated opportunities and challenges, and how to start a career in Silicon Valley/San Francisco.



Sunday, January 7 through Friday, January 12, 2024

Daily Schedule:

Each day will vary to include site visits, networking with Villanovans, presentations from individuals who make the Valley go. Potential site visits include Google, Facebook, VC firms, etc. Potential social programs include tourist stops and sightseeing in and around San Francisco.


  • Attend four mandatory pre-trip meetings
    • Meeting 1: Logistics
    • Meeting 2: Networking
    • Meetings 3-4, Presentations
  • Present to the cohort on one company that is participating in VinV.
  • Serve as the point person during our visit to said company 


Student fee ($1,250) + travel to/from Silicon Valley. Student fee covers students meals, hotel, entertainment, sightseeing and transportation while on the ground in Silicon Valley. Each student is responsible for their own flight and transportation to the hotel and from the hotel. Need-based scholarships are available.


Villanova students (undergraduate – sophomore or above graduate, professional)