The IIE Investment Fellows Program is an opportunity to get a taste for entrepreneurship from the investment side.

IIE Investment Fellows run the IIE Innovation Fund.  They review all of the application materials, interview the applicants, works as liaisons for the fund, and provide feedback for all of the applications.  They also have the final say on all funding decisions.  

We have a handful of leadership roles within the Investment Fellows program including:

  • Investment Lead - responsible for scheduling and faciliating the review meetings
  • Operations Lead - responsible for assigning applications and interviews to fellows and completing the payment process.
  • Marketing Lead - responsible for promoting the IIE Innovation Fund, Investment Fellows and funded Villanova Ventures.
  • Mentor Lead - responsible for facilitating the mentorship program in the Incubator Phase of the Innovation fund and recruiting and matching mentors to incubator phase awardees.
  • Fund Secretary - responsible for taking minutes during each meeting and ordering dinner

Each month, Fellows have about 10-14 days to give feedback for about 5-10 applications for the IIE Innovation Fund on our online application portal.  Each application is assigned to 2 investment fellow for in person interviews. Following the review period, we meet as a team and make all of our investment decisions as a group.  We accept new team members at the beginning of every semester and are actively looking for undergraduate and graduate students from every college.  

No experience is necessary to apply to be an investment fellow.  We are looking for a diversity of view points and expertise to round out our team.