The Idea Challenge inspires creativity amongst first-year Villanova students by asking a simple question: What new product or service, big or small, could change the world? Each fall semester, first-year business, computer science, engineering, and nursing students pitch ideas in their introductory courses. The top teams present at the Idea Challenge Finals on Monday, November 13 and compete for a grand prize of $1,000. 


  • Students work on teams of 3-5. 
    • Nursing teams will be 4-5.
  • Pitches may be no more than two minutes in length. 
  • No presentation aids are permitted. This includes slide decks, handouts, prototypes, etc. 
  • Pitches should answer the following questions:
    • What problem or opportunity have you identified?
    • What is your solution?
    • How big is the potential market?
    • How will you generate revenue?
  • Pitches are evaluated on the following:
    • Clarity of the idea
      • How clearly was the idea communicated? 
    • Problem solution fit
      • Does the solution solve the stated problem?
    • Understanding of feasibility
      • This doesn’t mean that the idea needs to be 100% feasible; rather, does the team understand what it will take to bring the idea to market? 
    • Quality of presentation
      • Were the presenters prepared and engaging? 
  • There is no competition-wide theme; however, individual instructors may choose to implement one for their section. We encourage students to THINK BIG. 
  • The top team from each section competes at the Idea Challenge Finals on Monday, November 13 @ 5pm in the Villanova Room.
  • Contact IIE Assistant Director, Stephen Green, with any questions. 
  • Your instructor will schedule in-class pitches.
    • In lieu of in class pitches, nursing students pitch at the Idea Challenge Nursing Semifinals on 10/23. 
  • After each team pitches, you'lll evaluate them on the criteria stated above by filling out this Voting Form
    • Complete the voting form once for each team.
    • Do not complete a form for your team.
  • If time allows, your instructor may allow a minute or two for Q&A following each pitch.
  • Instructors will announce the winner and runner up.  
  • Students can view their tallies and comments by navigating to this Feedback Portal
  • IIE will send information to the top two teams about when to pick up their Villanoava swag item and the winning team information about pitching at the Idea Challenge Finals on Monday, November 13 @ 5pm. 
  • Section Prizes:
    • Every member of the winning and runner up team from each section receives Villanova swag. 
    • The top team from each section is invited to compete at the Idea Challenge Finals on Monday, November 13 @ 5pm in the Villanova Room. 
  • Idea Challenge Finals Prizes
    • Grand prize: $1,000
    • 2nd, 3rd, and crowd choice winners: $100 university bookstore gift cards.