The Meyer Innovation Awards were created and endowed in 2009 by Patrick Meyer ’74 VSB in honor of the Meyer family (Patrick ’74, Edward ’86, and C. Paul ’30) to recognize Villanova graduating seniors, faculty, and staff creators and innovators.

Award recipients will exhibit exceptional strengths in most or all of the following areas:

  • Founding and executing upon an innovative or creative business, project, academic program, or initiative
  • Identifying problems as opportunities to create solutions
  • Embodying an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Leadership in the greater Villanova community

Nominations open in the spring. The top student from each college will be interviewed on video about why they deserve the award. The Villanova community will vote and the top student will receive a $5,000 award for post-graduation utilization and a trophy.

One faculty or staff member will also be awarded a Meyer Innovation Award, $2,500 prize and trophy for embodying an entrepreneurial mindset in their work at Villanova.




Faculty: Virginia Smith, Ph.D.

Student: Vedant Patel, ’23 CLAS

Faculty: George Simmons, COE

Student: Natale Nwanekwu, ’22 CLAS

Faculty: Hasshi Sudler PhD, COE

Student: Aldo Peirini, ’21 COE

Faculty: Michele Pistone, CWSL

Student: Yeray Lopez, ’20 COE

Staff: Kim Cahill, VSB

VSB Student: Fernando Delgado

CWSL Student: John Vernon

COE Student: Branden Garrett

FCN Student: Lauren Munter

CLAS Student: Marisa Reinhart

CPS Student: Harry Scheuerle

Faculty: Shawn Howton, VSB

VSB Student: Brady Acton

CWSL Student: Reece Cooke

COE Student: James Ghiorse

FCN Student: Agnes Cho

CLAS Student: William Repetto

Faculty: Kevin Minbiole, CLAS

VSB Student: Chinasa Nwokocha

CWSL Student: Eric Galko

COE Student: Vanessa Kungne

FCN Student:Catherine (Katie) DeLuca

CLAS Student: Hoseuk (Andrew) Kim

CPS Student: Stephen Werpehowski

Faculty: Sue Metzger, VSB

VSB Student: Lincoln Escobar

CWSL Student: Sara Resetar

COE Student: Abigail Buckenheimer

FCN Student: Meghan Long

CLAS Student: Natalie Galvez

CPS Student: Michael Bambrick

Faculty: Hezekiah Lewis, CLAS

VSB Student: Sergio Rizzuto-Flancbaum

CWSL Student: Stephanie Rozalski

COE Student: Joanna Schaff

FCN Student: Teresa Yang

CLAS Student: Alyssa Nazar

Faculty: Sally Scholz, CLAS

VSB Student: Charlie Dolan

CWSL Student: Vanessa Stine

COE Student: Cameron Piper

FCN Student: Aurora Vandewark

CLAS Student: Stephen Kane

Faculty: Edmond Dougherty, COE

VSB Student: Alejandro Avellana

CWSL Student: Matt Altenberg

COE Student: Stephen Schraer

FCN Student: Alexandria Reo

CLAS Student: Cassandra Postighone

Faculty: David Fiorenza, VSB

Student: John Marrah, VSB

Faculty: William Wagner, VSB

Student: Trenton Alenik, VSB

Faculty: David Nawrocki, VSB

Student: Matthew Clark, VSB

Faculty: James Klingler, VSB

Student: Joseph Mancari, VSB

Note: the awards were expanded in 2016 to encompass Villanova’s newly established College of Professional Studies. Prior to 2013, the Meyer ICE Award was only given to VSB students and faculty.