The Idea Lab is a gathering space for individuals from all corners of campus to collaborate on innovative, creative, and cross-curricular projects.



The Idea Lab wears many hats: It serves as IIE's office, holds events, and contains our Maker Space. All are welcome to drop by and learn more about what we do.  

The Idea Lab is located on the lower level of Falvey Library (Building #18 on this Campus Map). Once you enter the library, take the stairwell immediately to your right down one level. Proceed down the hallway and make a left and you will arrive at the Idea Lab. 



Whether you’re a nursing student looking to create a 3D prototype of a new medical apparatus or an engineering student who wants to motorize a skateboard, the Maker Lab has you covered. Equipped with a plethora of tools (3D printers, laser cutter, sewing machine, drill press, Cricut, wrenches, etc.) and helpful staff, it’s a welcoming space for everyone to learn and create. No experience necessary, just come on by and we'll show you everything you need to know!

Just a few guidelines:

  • If you’re unfamiliar with our equipment, please talk to staff member and we’ll get you up to speed.
  • Keep all tools in the lab and be sure to put them back when you're finished.
  • Utilize safety equipment as applicable.



The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship invites campus groups to reserve the Idea Lab for events that align with our mission: to drive opportunities for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Examples of an events that align with IIE’s mission:

  • CASA Courageous Conversations - How BIPOC Students Can Build Social Capital
  • Cookies, Cupcakes, and Coding - GitHub Workshop
  • Office of Student Involvement Visioning Day

Examples of events that don’t align with IIE’s mission

  • Faculty Orientation
  • Retirement Luncheon
  • The Idea Lab is, first and foremost, a collaborative workspace for students to gather and innovate.  As such, we’re unable we’re unable to honor every reservation request. We're typically unable to accommodate events lasting more than 90 minutes during normal business hours. 
  • The Idea Lab is a self-service space. Individuals making reservations are responsible for setting up and cleaning up. 
  • Individuals making reservations are responsible for resetting the space according to this diagram after the conclusion of the event. 
  • The Idea Lab serves as IIE’s office and staff (including student workers) will likely be present during your event. Additionally, it serves as access and egress for the library. Events that require privacy or complete silence typically aren’t a good fit for the Idea Lab. 
  • The Idea Lab is not available for reservations on Fridays. 
  • During the summer months, it can be rather chilly in the Idea Lab—we recommend bringing some extra clothing to be comfortable. 



  • Seated without tables, 70
  • Seated with tables, 40
  • Standing room only, 100


  • The Idea Lab has 33 rolling chairs, 40 stackable chairs, 6 high stools with backs, 16 rolling tables, and 4 high top tables. 


  • Crestron system, projection screen, 4 wall-mounted displays, and speakers. 
  • If you’d like someone to show you how to operate our tech, email at least one week before your event. 


If your event occurs after 9:15am on a work day, the space will already be unlocked.

If your event occurs before 9:15am or on a weekend, you may be the first one in the space and need to unlock the doors. 

  • Request Wildcard permission by emailing at least one week in advance of your event. 
  • There are three card readers:
    • Outside the library facing door
    • Outside the exterior door
    • Inside the vestibule
  • If the sensor displays a green light, the door is unlocked. If the sensor displays a red light, the door is locked. 
  • If the light is green, swipe or tap your Wildcard at the card reader. The light bar at the top will turn green. 
  • After 1-2 seconds, swipe or tap your Wildcard again. The light bar will blink and remain green. 
  • You do not need to lock the doors after your event, the locks will automatically reset overnight.