To complete the Master of Science in Computer Engineering, each student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, or 10 courses.

Coursework varies based on student’s choosing a thesis or non-thesis degree track.

Updated 1/17/2024

Coursework Thesis Option
Non-Thesis Option
Computer Engineering Required Courses 9 credits 9 credits
Computer Engineering Area Courses 9 credits 9 credits
Computer Engineering Electives 3 credits 12 credits
Independent Study 3 credits NA*
Thesis 6 credits
Total Credit Hours 30 credits 30 credits

Note: students must complete ECE 9030 before applying for the thesis option. Thesis applications also require a written research proposal and recommendation and approval from the student's research advisor and the department chairperson. Students who qualified for the thesis option are required to make an oral presentation prior to graduation.

* Graduate students electing the non-thesis option may substitute three credits of independent study for one elective course.

Degree Plan

Graduate students must submit a degree plan by midterm of their first semester. Five-year students must submit a plan with their 5-year program application. The plan must be approved by an MS CPE academic advisor. Changes to your degree plan can be made by submitting an updated form, approved by the advisor.

Any course from the area courses above may also count as an elective. At least two of the electives must be ECE courses. Courses not listed here may count as electives with approval of the advisor.

Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar
Director of Graduate Studies


“I have found my courses to be interesting and challenging. I also appreciate the opportunity to take classes online.”

David Lewis, Senior Software Engineer, L3Harris Technologies