Departmental Admission Criteria

  • The applicant must demonstrate the ability to master graduate-level studies. The evaluation is based on a review of the formal application submitted, transcripts from all previous colleges attended, and letters of recommendation.
  • All International applicants (unless he/she has earned a degree from a 4-year US college or university) must also provide evidence of adequate proficiency in the English language determined by:
    • TOEFL or IELTS examination scores

For complete details, refer to the Application Requirements for all graduate level applicants in the College of Engineering.

  • A candidate is eligible to pursue the MSWREE degree provided he/she can present evidence of proficiency in:
    • Mathematics
    • Basic science
    • Engineering science
  • In the absence of such evidence, the candidate will be required to complete the following undergraduate prerequisites at proficient levels:
    • Differential Equations
    • Chemistry I
    • Chemistry II
    • Fluid Mechanics
  • The undergraduate prerequisites for the MSWREE degree may be completed at Villanova or their equivalent taken elsewhere. Departmental pre-approval of undergrad prerequisite courses taken elsewhere is encouraged to ensure the courses are sufficient. Engineering technology courses cannot be used to fulfill undergraduate prerequisites. The undergraduate courses will be in addition to the graduate courses required for the MSWREE degree. It is recommended that applicants requiring undergraduate prerequisite courses begin their graduate study in the Summer term.
  1. Are undergrad prerequisite courses offered online via Distance Learning?
    We do not offer the undergraduate classes via Distance Learning. These courses are typically day classes.
  2. Are Statics and Dynamics one or two courses?
    Statics and Dynamics are commonly taught as two separate classes. The dynamics course requirement is waived IF the Fluid Mechanics course does not require it, but most Fluid Mechanics courses do require Dynamics.
  3. Are Chemistry or Physics labs required to meet prerequisites?
  4. Are the application requirements the same if a student is only applying for an individual course?
  5. How do I know if a prerequisite course is sufficient?
    If the course is required at another institution’s ABET-accredited BSCE program, then it is sufficient. Otherwise, the student can refer to the Villanova University Course Catalog to match course descriptions or consult with the CEE Department.



Joseph Yost
Director of Graduate Studies


George Kokaliaris, EIT, ENV SP, Environmental Engineer, STV, Inc.

"The MSWREE graduate program has had a tremendous impact on my career as a consulting engineer. The program features a wide array of courses that are very relevant to my everyday projects in the civil and environmental engineering industry. Furthermore, the professors do an excellent job engaging both in-class and E-learning students in the lecture discussions. As an E-learning student in New York City, not once have I felt 100 miles away."

George Kokaliaris, EIT, ENV SP, Environmental Engineer, STV, Inc.




Humaira Monowara Jahangiri, graduate of the Master's in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Program.

“Great peers, excellent faculty and unique research scopes.”

Humaira Monowara Jahangiri, Water Resources Engineer, OHM Advisors