Working professionals are often interested in gaining more experience, developing sharper skills and increasing their knowledge in a specific area. Graduate certificates allow you to accomplish this in only four or five courses. Courses successfully taken as part of a certificate program can also be applied toward a degree in that field if you apply and are accepted into the related master’s program.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers an Urban Water Resources Design Certificate and a Dam Engineering Certificate. The College offers 15+ certificates in a variety of other disciplines. Many courses and certificates can be completed through our E-Learning program.

Note that successful completion of the certificate program requires an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Urban Water Resources Design

This program is geared to Civil Engineers and Water Resource Professionals engaged in design of urban hydraulic and hydrologic systems in the built environment. The certificate consists of four graduate level courses. Program length can vary between 4 and 6 semesters depending upon when the student starts the program. All courses are offered in the evening, and through real time e-learning. The courses included as part of the certificate are:

Required Courses: (Take 3 of 4)

Elective Courses:
    Or the remaining required course.


Dam Engineering Certificate

This program provides students with focused knowledge in the design and analysis of dams. Graduate students (MS or PhD) will be able to plan, assess, design and construct dams and related infrastructure. The certificate program will provide students with a multidisciplinary CEE educational experience, with required courses in both water resources and geotechnical engineering.

A unique aspect of this certificate program is that it leverages the expertise of our geotechnical faculty and builds upon our strong reputation in the field of water resources.

Four required courses for certificate:


Students will be required to meet the course prerequisites and maintain a "B" average. Candidates without an ABET approved Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering may be required to complete prerequisites depending on their academic background. Courses completed for the certificate would apply toward a MSCE or MSWREE should the student wish to continue.

Urban Water Resources Design
Dr. Robert Traver

Dam Engineering Certificate
Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord