Ciara Coulter ChE ’24 Selected as Student Speaker for the 2024 Commencement

Ciara Coulter ChE ’24 Selected as Student Speaker for the 2024 Commencement
Ciara Coulter ChE ’24

For the second consecutive year, a Villanova University College of Engineering student has been chosen as the student speaker for the 2024 Undergraduate Commencement. Ciara Coulter ’24 ChE, from Chalfont, Pa., was selected after an extensive tryout process that included competitions within and across Villanova’s colleges.

“I was humbled beyond words when selected as the Commencement speaker,” said Coulter, a Chemical Engineering major with a minor in English. “To speak for my class, an incredible group of compassionate learners, is a privilege I do not take lightly.”

 Coulter spent the past year and a half as an undergraduate research assistant at Villanova’s Center for Cellular Engineering (NovaCell) and drew inspiration for her speech from her favorite authors and the resources she learned at Villanova. She took time to reflect on her journey, what it meant to be a part of the community, and what it means to leave and go out into the world equipped with its lessons.

“One aspect of Villanova that I deeply appreciate is its commitment to providing a balanced education and the opportunity it afforded me to pursue both chemical engineering and English without any limitations,” Coulter said.

Coulter, who tried but failed to keep her speech a surprise for her father, comes from a large family who will all be in attendance to support her at the Commencement ceremony. Additionally, thanks to the live stream and recording, she will be able to share the special moment with faraway friends and family.

After graduating, Coulter intends to enter the pharmaceutical or biotechnology field, carrying the values she embraced during her four years at Villanova. “What I will miss most about Villanova, unsurprisingly, is the people,” she said. “The community built into this place is so real and tactile. It is a rare gem to find, and I hope to bring this sense of community with me to new places beyond Villanova.”

Coulter follows in the footsteps of Jordy Nuñez ’23 CE, who delivered the student speech at the 2023 Undergraduate Commencement.


Elizabeth Slocum
Director, Communication and Marketing