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  • Franklin Institute Awards Laureate Symposium Honoring Nader Engheta, PhD, 04/26

    Featuring presentations by a select group of world-class experts, this symposium will celebrate the groundbreaking contributions of Nader Engheta, PhD, recipient of the 2023 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering. Speakers will discuss the current and future trends in the physics of light/matter interaction and present the latest innovations in electromagnetic and optical materials, at an event hosted by Villanova Engineering.

  • Franklin Institute Awards Bower Forum Honoring Deb Niemeier, PhD, PE, NAE, 04/27

    The Bower Forum celebrates the work and achievement of Dr. Deb Niemeier for the 2023 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science. Hosted by Villanova Engineering, this forum will provide an opportunity for Dr. Niemeier and scholars who have worked with her to discuss the future of safe and resilient civil infrastructure systems. The event will include presentations and a panel aligned with the theme of “Rising to the Challenge of Building Equitable, Resilient Communities.”

  • 2023 Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony, 05/01

    Villanova University College of Engineering has invited its graduating seniors and graduate engineers to accept the Obligation of the Engineer in a Ring Ceremony. More than 100 students are expected to be inducted at this year’s event, which will be held at 6 p.m. May 1 in the Villanova Room of the Connelly Center.