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Off Hours Support Expectations

The goal of off hours support is to ensure that UNIT can respond to emergency support issues in a timely and efficient manner.

UNIT Support is available during off business hours (5pm to 8am 7 days a week) via:

  • Voice Mail (610) 519-7777

All Issues should be reported as follows

  • Emergency calls  are defined as issues impacting a wide cross-section of the VU community’s computing environment; such as networks and systems outages are classified as emergencies and appropriate support personnel will be notified to investigate and troubleshoot.
  • Depending on the situation, the client reporting the issue may receive a return call. If the problem is widely reported, clients may not receive return calls due to the volume of calls needed.
  • Non-emergency calls – Are defined as issues that are not widely impacting and isolated to an individual. These calls will be reviewed and be addressed on the next business day.  
  • Calls affecting only individuals accessing their computer, accounts and or the campus computer network will be reviewed and addressed by support personnel on the next business day.

The nature and severity of the issue being experienced combined with UNIT’s policy and procedures will determine the course of action taken by UNIT.