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Easy Vista Service Desk


Welcome to Unit’s Service Desk System:

Self Service Help Desk!


Please log in with your Villanova (Email/MyNova) user id and password to enter service requests.

If you require instructions please visit this page.


Submit your request directly through Nova Now!

You can now submit a service request, or “ticket,” to the help desk directly from your Nova Now mobile app.

  1. Go to the menu by tapping the top left corner of the home screen, then find the section called “Get Help.”
  2. Tap “IT Support Request.”
  3. You’ll be taken to a screen called "UNIT IT Support Request," where you can type in your name, Villanova username and phone number.
  4. If your request is related to a specific location (e.g., you can’t connect to the internet in Old Falvey), tap “Yes.” You’ll see a couple more info boxes where you can select your building and type in your room number.
  5. Find your building and enter your room number or the closest room based off your current location. Then type in your specific request. For example: "I can't connect to the internet in Old Falvey." Or: "The link for course listings on the School of Business page isn't working."
  6. Tap “Submit,” and a request will be sent straight to UNIT. We’ll start solving your problem right away.

To download Nova Now on your mobile device, visit this page.

Access UNIT's Support Site

self service help desk link