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Hardware Guidelines

All UNIT hardware technicians are A+, Dell and Apple certified and are authorized to do warranty repairs for respective laptops and desktops across campus, providing service and support for the Villanova community. Below are guidelines for deploying computer equipment and its service and disposal. Please contact Technology Support Services at or call ext. 9-7777 if you have any questions.


Warranty Service and Repair

All computer equipment is purchased with a 3-year extended warranty. This allows for the repair of most hardware incidents without any extra cost to our users. However, some repairs are not covered by this warranty, and there will be charges if non-warranty maintenance is needed. The items listed below are not covered under warranty.

  • Screen cracks due to drops or mishandling
  • Damages to the bottom or top casing due to drops
  • Liquid spills on the equipment
  • Lost or stolen equipment

Equipment Distribution

  • UNIT will provide all full-time staff and faculty a standard computer (laptop or desktop based on position)
  • Equipment will be provided that is consistent with the model year the campus is currently utilizing
  • Part-time staff and faculty are not eligible. Each individual department handles any computer needs
  • The computer equipment is university property with an asset tag assigned by UNIT
  • If a faculty/staff member leaves the university, their current computer equipment, University property will be reassigned to the position replacement

Equipment Changes

If a position is vacated and will not be filled, the department should contact UNIT to pick-up the computer equipment so it can re-purposed across campus as needed. The equipment should not be reassigned without UNIT approval. Contact Technology Support Services at, submit a ticket to the Self Service Helpdesk, or call us at 9-7777.


Equipment Disposal

UNIT will properly recycle used laptop and desktop computers that have come to the end of their life cycle. Please do not throw old computer equipment in the trash. Improper equipment disposal (laptops, desktops, phones, and other devices) may be a security risk. The proper disposal of equipment requires the verification that all university data on the devices have been removed.

Additionally, many parts of a computer contain material that will be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of correctly. More information on proper disposal can be found on the Equipment Disposal page.




University Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7777
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

Walk-ins: Falvey Library, First Floor
M-Th 9am-7pm
F 9am-5pm

TechZone @ The Commons
Dobbin Hall
M-Th 8am-10pm
F 8am-5pm
Sa-Su 12pm-8pm

School of Law Helpdesk

Call Us: 610-519-7700
Walk-ins: Law Library Rm 104
M-F 9am-5pm

Classroom Technologies Hotline