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The Villanova Institute for Research and Scholarship coordinates closely with campus partners to offer coherent education and guidance across the award lifecycle.

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Resources and Tools

This collection offers quick access to the most frequently sought online resources and tools for grantseeking and funding support.


The database lists opportunities for federal funding only. The system includes 26 federal granting agencies, and includes information on more than 1,000 grant opportunities.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO) is the premier search engine for private foundation funding prospects. This resource is accessible through Falvey Library. To access, click on Foundation Directory Online in the A-Z database list on the Falvey website.

Villanova offers faculty access to SPIN (Sponsored Projects Information Network), a powerful grant search engine for use by experienced faculty and newcomers alike. To access SPIN, go to InfoEd and request account activation by following the instructions at this link.

SPIN works like any other web search engine, using keywords to search a database, in this case a diverse database of grant opportunities pulled from federal/state agencies and private foundations. We recommend using the advanced search options to narrow down to your discipline. Also remember that some grant announcements are presented to a general audience, and may be no more specific than requesting proposals for STEM related projects!


Programs We Offer

Whether you are actively engaged in pursuing a particular funding opportunity, just exploring the possibility, or are somewhere in between, we offer a program that meets you where you are and moves you forward in the process of securing funding.