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Communicating Research Workshop Series

Supporting Graduate Students as Contributing Scholars and Professionals

Our programs promote strategies for success as well as understanding of values and approaches both shared across the academy and particular to students’ own fields and scholarly goals. In our Communicating Research workshop series, we collaborate with other campus units to cover an expanding list of topics on ways to communicate research effectively to a range of audiences and across diverse media.

Fall 2022 Workshop

Communicating the Value of Your Research to a Broad Audience

As academics we can spend so many years immersed in the specialized vocabulary of our fields that we struggle to communicate to a larger audience. Yet, being able to translate our research is critical. Only through effective communication can we ensure that our hard work is understood and makes an impact.

This hour-long session, delivered in November 2022, emphasizes:

  • the importance of being able to communicate the value of your research to a broad audience
  • why it can be difficult for academics to do so effectively
  • some misconceptions about what makes effective communication
  • tools to translate your research to a lay audience
  • strategies to convince a broad audience of the importance of your research. 

This workshop was presented in Collaboration with the Center for Graduate Research and Education and in support of Villanova's Three Minute Thesis competition.

Click on the button below to view the recording of this workshop.