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Academic Accommodations

Students with Documented Disabilities

In conjunction with faculty, LSS is committed to providing “reasonable academic accommodations” for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Autistic students, and students with mental health conditions that rise to the level of disability. Our goal is to ensure that students with documented disabilities have an opportunity to grow independently to their full potential at Villanova. 

Students with disabilities may request support services in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students must self-identify by providing notice of their disability and the required documentation to LSS. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines to learn more about what documentation meets the necessary requirements.

Students should register with LSS by completing the Online Intake Form through Clockwork. Please check out our guidelines about ClockWork for more information.

If you have any questions, email or call 610-519-5176.

  • New students must first complete the two-step registration process with LSS to receive accommodations. 
    • Step 1: Complete the Online Intake Form through Clockwork and submit your documentation. Please check out our guidelines about ClockWork for more information.
    • Step 2: Discuss your accommodation needs with an LSS staff member. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines for information about what qualifies as acceptable documentation.
  • Once you are registered with LSS and approved for accommodations, log into ClockWork and complete the Request for Accommodations Form. This will enable you to send your professors a copy of your accommodation letter. Students must complete a Request for Accommodations each semester.  Please check out our guidelines about ClockWork for more information.
  • After you've sent your professors your accommodation letters, professors and students are expected to discuss the accommodations to make sure all parties are clear on what is needed. LSS staff are available to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Reasonable academic accommodations are based on the current impact of the disability on academic performance; therefore, it is in the student’s best interest to provide current and complete documentation using our Documentation Guidelines. If LSS determines that the documentation is inadequate in scope or content, or does not address the student’s current level of functioning and need for accommodation, or that the evaluator does not have the appropriate qualifications, reevaluation may be required.
  • Students who are looking for housing accommodations should refer to our Documentation Guidelines.
  • Reasonable academic accommodations in the postsecondary environment may differ from those available in the secondary school.  Learning Support Services will make the final determination for providing appropriate academic accommodations.
  • Depending on the nature of the disability and the accommodations requested, the amount of advance notice provided may impact the University’s ability to provide accommodations. Delays in presenting requests or providing documentation will affect promptness in arranging accommodations.
  • Documentation remains confidential and secure in the LSS Office at all times. It does not become part of your academic file. It is only viewed by the designated LSS Staff.
  • When professors are unable to provide all required testing accommodations for a student, students with testing accommodations can sign up to take their quiz or test with the LSS run Falvey Test Center. 
  • As our testing space is limited, students must book their quizzes, tests, and final exams at least 3 business days in advance to take their test with the Falvey Test Center.
  • To book an exam with the Falvey Test Center, students will need to log into ClockWork for Students and select Schedule a test or exam. Please check out our ClockWork Guidelines for more information about how to book a test.
  • Please contact with any questions about the Falvey Test Center.
  • Students with testing accommodations who are unable to schedule a quiz or test at the Falvey Test Center can schedule with the Tolentine Test Center by completing the Tolentine Test Center Sign Up Form. For more information check out the LSS Test Centers webpage

Resource for Students with Physical Disabilities

Office of Disability Services

Connelly Center, 2nd Floor.

Gregory Hannah: Call 610-519-3209 or email

Connor Hayes: Call 610-519-3211 or email

Students with physical disabilities, neurologically based disorders which trigger a physical response, sensory disabilities, students with a chronic illness with resulting physical complications which rise to the level of disability, or a temporary injury that requires physical accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services with questions or concerns about access and support services.

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Student Testimonials

“I can honestly say that the support I received from LSS was key to my success as a student at Villanova and today as an ongoing student of life.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2021, Mathematics

"LSS has constructively impacted my experience as a learning-disabled student at Villanova. [They] empowered me with the courage to advocate for myself and relinquish some of my pathological anxiety." 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022 & MA Alum, Class of 2023, Communications

“Working closely with Villanova LSS starting the first week of my freshman year really changed the trajectory of my academic career.”

~ UG Alum, Class of 2022, Psychology

"During my time at Villanova, LSS was the most helpful academic resource available. The LSS team is extremely friendly and are always there to make sure you achieve your academic goals!" 

~ UG Alum, Class of 2023, Mechanical Engineering