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International Graduate Students

International Graduate Students

Welcome, international students!

We invite you to learn more about the Graduate Nursing Program at Villanova University M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. Our experience with international students helps us identify what is important for your learning needs. We offer master’s degree study, post-master’s certificates and doctoral study which are enhanced by the diverse experiences and viewpoints that our students bring to the program. (Note that there is a non-distance curriculum option for doctoral study). Graduate study is an exciting part of your professional career and we encourage you to discover what makes Villanova Nursing unique.

Our international students

Since 1992, the Graduate Nursing Program has enrolled international students who seek their advanced degree in nursing. They come from a variety of countries such as:

  • Botswana
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Nigeria
  • Palestinian West Bank
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Kingdom of Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Taiwan

Our international alumni have advanced into leadership positions in their countries and in the United States where they make a difference in nursing and health care. They have served as chief nurses, deans, faculty, and head of quality assurance.  

A welcoming environment

A welcoming environment

The College of Nursing makes every effort to anticipate the special needs of its international students. In addition to offering a nationally and internationally known Graduate Nursing Program, the College encourages its students to participate in academic and social activities to integrate themselves into campus life at Villanova. There are other international students to meet and international student groups that may interest you.

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) at Villanova University offers a myriad of services to international students. The staff provides assistance with:

• immigration rights and responsibilities
• educational, social and personal counseling
• cultural adjustment issues
• campus and community activities

The ISSO also sponsors an annual Association, language orientation program, a host family program, the International Students club and an international newsletter and magazine.

The University welcomes students of any faith and is conveniently located near a mosque, a Greek Orthodox church, Roman Catholic churches, synagogues and other places of worship.


A quiet campus, a convenient location

Villanova University’s picturesque 254-acre campus is located just 12 miles outside one of the great American cities, Philadelphia. The excitement and opportunities of the city are just a short train ride away, with the train station right on campus next to the College of Nursing. Visit for more information about Philadelphia.

Villanova's campus in Villanova, Pennsylvania, is tranquil and beautiful. Originally the charming country estate of merchant and Revolutionary War officer John Rudolph, the campus now includes more than 60 attractive buildings and is recognized as a national arboretum.

Learn more about Villanova and the application process

Application and admission information for International Students can be found here. In addition, Villanova’s Office of University Admission has more information for international students as well as answers to some of your questions and an overview of the university.

If you have questions about the Graduate Nursing Program after reviewing our web pages, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Important Healthcare Information for International Students

The healthcare system in the United States is very different than those in other countries, and private health insurance is a very important component in the U.S.

When estimating the costs of attending school in the U.S., it is important for all prospective students to include the cost of obtaining private health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for medical care and prescription medication.

Villanova University requires all international students to provide evidence of comprehensive health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.  Insurance coverage may either be purchased through a plan developed specifically for Villanova students or through another source, as long as the coverage that is purchased is comprehensive.

For purposes of estimating costs of attendance, the annual cost of student health insurance for international students who purchase the plan developed specifically for Villanova students is approximately $2,420, for Academic Year 2022-23.

For more information regarding the plan developed specifically for Villanova students, please refer to the Villanova University Student Health Center website.

My View

“Villanova enlightened me to two very important facts: where I can be, and what I need to do to get there…The skills and knowledge I received at Villanova gave me the essential foundation for constituting my professional personality.”

Yasser Al-Khatib, Lebanon


“Villanova is a fantastic school, especially for foreign students.  When I came, I thought I would not make it, missing family, and being away from home. But, the College of Nursing Dean, faculty and other staff are very kind, helpful, and offer encouragement and support. The whole atmosphere is wonderful. It is just like I am home.” 

Fatma al-Masroori, Sultanate of Oman


"The study of education is wonderful and challenging. The faculty members have been supportive and the leadership preparation is phenomenal."

Sr. Angela Onyemere, Nigeria

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My View

"Although some courses are challenging, the professors are extremely supportive and available to offer any academic help all the time. The professors are allowing us to select assignments that are related to our health system in Oman and give us the guidance we need to achieve the desired objectives and how to apply them in Oman. Interestingly, having a personal academic advisor for the first time is a great thing, in which we both can plan to take the right courses on the right time. Along with the dean; some professors were available and participated with us as international students (Omanis) in our special social events."

Khalid M. Al Balush, Sultanate of Oman