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YONE Profile: Kimberly Bush

In this Year of the Nurse Educator, the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing is proud to feature faculty and why they do what they do.

Kimberly R. Bush, MSN, RN, PCCN, CCCTM is adjunct clinical faculty as well as clinical practice leader in the intermediate surgical ICU at a Philadelphia teaching hospital. 

Kimberly Bush

Why did you seek this adjunct faculty role?  

I’ve always had an interest in nursing education.  The unit I worked on when I was bedside had Villanova clinical students regularly. I always enjoyed having the students with me and working alongside me as well as being able to teach them what I loved about nursing. 

How did you become a Nurse Educator?

Upon completing graduate school in 1995, the instructor on my unit was retiring and asked me if I would be interested in being an instructor.  I’ve enjoyed my time as an instructor ever since. 

Do you balance your role with another job as well?

I presently balance being an adjunct clinical instructor alongside my full time Clinical Practice Leader role for the ISICU.

Best moment as an educator?

The most fulfilling part of being an educator is when I run into my former students that are now registered nurses. Seeing them succeed in such a difficult career and hearing how much they learned from our experiences together in the Medical-Surgical or Advanced Medical-Surgical clinical is such a reward.

Advice for someone who is considering it?

I would advise anyone with the love of the profession and nursing education to pursue a role as a nurse educator. The role takes a lot of patience and effort on the part of the instructor, but it is really great to see the growth in your student. To be a part of the beginning of a rewarding career is an honor.