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Dr. Tracy Oliver to Receive Villanova's 2023 Lafferty Award

Dr. Tracy Oliver
Dr. Tracy Oliver will receive Villanova's 2023 Lafferty Award.

Associate Professor Tracy L. Oliver, PhD, RDN, LDN has been selected to receive Villanova University's 2023 Lafferty Award and will be recognized at the May 19 Undergraduate Commencement. 

The Lafferty Award recognizes a faculty member who has made a distinctive and lasting contribution to enhancing the quality of the student experience by engaging with students in significant ways.

Dr. Oliver, a registered dietitian, has been teaching nursing students since fall 2016 and has been involving students in her research areas of weight management and obesity. 

Dr. Oliver is an engaging faculty member with an inclusive, interprofessional approach. Constantly updating her course content in a fluid field, she educates students through creative and collaborative work, urging them to remain based in evidence and use their cognitive and evaluative gifts to advance their own and their patients’ health. Other students on campus are anxious to take her courses.

Dr. Oliver mentors undergraduate and graduate student researchers, acting as exemplar and coach, to allow them to achieve beyond their expectations in designing their studies and later publishing. She promotes respect and inclusion in her teaching, science and actions, including during international travel opportunities where she widens the view and abilities of those students she serves, so they can better serve the world’s communities.