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Undergraduate Nursing Scholars Day showcases student work


Having honed their skills of scholarly inquiry, undergraduate students shared their research activity through a poster session on April 21 in the College of Nursing’s Driscoll Hall lobby, part of Villanova University’s Research Expo 2016.

Several students also participated in an evening panel presentation of their endeavors, including:
•    Spencer Dean -  "Identification of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Learning Needs in Caring for Children Born Prematurely"
•    Meghan Long - "Aggression and Risky Behaviors in High School Students: An Examination of Bullying"
•    Patrick D. Smith - "Interdisciplinary Communication Needs between Community-Based Nurses and Primary Care Providers.”

The students who presented posters throughout the day were:

Meghan McIlroy
Brian Smith

The Effect of Repositioning on Risk of Aspiration in Patients in the Critical Care Unit

Marykate Crenny
The Role of the School Nurse and Mental Health

Emily Biggs
Literature Review: Breastfeeding Trends in the NICU

Shannon Myers
Literature Review: Social Media in Nursing Education

Meghan Long
Application of Gebauer’s and Lowman’s Corporate Model of Engagement to the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP)

Aggression and Risky Behaviors in High School Students: An Examination of Bullying

Lisa Hofer
The Impact of Premature Birth on Additional Education Needs Later in Life

An Analysis of Legislation in Support of Minimum Nurse-Patient Ratios

Spencer Dean
Identification of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Learning Needs in Caring for Children Born Prematurely

Kristina Terzakis
Update for Nursing Care for the Patient with Parkinson’s Disease

Alexandra Gillespie
Health Problems of the LGBT Community

Margaret Coleman
Annabel Anderson

You Don’t Know Unless You Ask: School Nurses’ Role in Identifying Homelessness

Kathleen Harms
Allison Nall

Meghan Smith
The Evidence on Cryotherapy and Mucositis

Teresa Murphy
Update on Nursing Care for Patients with Ischemic Stroke

Jennifer Carillo
Sarah Stankiewicz

Impact of Family Presence/Absence Regarding Acceptance of Resuscitation Outcomes

Molly Burke
Improving Cancer Treatment Education