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2015 Undergraduate Scholars Day


On April 23, the College of Nursing held its annual Undergraduate Scholars Day in conjunction with Villanova University’s Research Expo Week. Seventeen posters, representing the scholarly work of traditional and adult BSN students, were displayed in the lobby of Driscoll Hall. The topics included the following:

·         Elizabeth Long - Nurses’ Perceptions of Human Trafficking in an Urban Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study

·         Christine D’Annunzio, Ellen Loughlin, Jordan Sunderland - Mental Health Education in Chulucanas, Peru

·         Maria Gagliardi - Voices of Low-income Minority Women: Pregnancy Experience and Prenatal Education Needs

·         Hannah Carney - The Effect of Sophomore Capstone Scenarios on Nursing Students’ Anxiety Related to Initial Clinical Practicum

·         Victoria Dai - The Effects of Visual Impairment on Medication Adherence

·         Makenzie Lannon,  Jessica Mengistab, Stephanie Destafney, Elena Moran - The Nursing Role in Achieving Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Hospitals

·         Tiffany Cedar,  Meghan Murphy - Health Education in South Africa

·         Makenzie Lannon,  Jessica Mengistab - Domestic Violence in the Dominican Republic

·         Teresa Yang - Using Smartphone Technology to Increase the Safety of College Women: A Quantitative Pilot Study

·         Julie Suter, Maureen McKeever - Teaching Nutrition in Chulucanas, Peru

·         Marianna Cesareo - A Systematic Review of Evidence Based Practice Strategies to Recruit African Americans into Research Studies (2005-2015)

·         Maura Quinn,  Teresa Yang,  Julie Pastore, Katie Michels, Colleen Harrington, Melissa Pfeifer, Cara Gibson, Gillian Turner - Access and Teaching Strategies for Dental Health in Intellectually Disabled Adults

·         Erica Peters - Patient Engagement in Older Adults: Health Outcomes in the Community

·         Bridget Sweet - Innovations in Gerontological Nursing Education: Exposing Baccalaureate Nursing Students to Transitional Care

·         Shannon Markert, Jennifer Steurer, Brittany Wyatt - Hernias, Prolapse, Back Injury Prevention, and Post-Operative Care

·         Lindsey Berg, Angela Furbush, Madeline Mascola, Taylor Noll, Clare Keating, Randi Josett, Rebecca Dzenis, Lauren Wilson - Engaging the Villanova Community a Tobacco Free Initiative

·         Jeremy Bonafe,  Lisa Crittenden,  Joseph Sobol, James Rodgers, Maureen Rohrbaugh,  Amanda Salata -  Technology and Informatics in Nursing