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State convention again recognizes excellence of SNAP-Villanova

SNAP convention group
SNAP-Villanova advised by Dr. Carol Weingarten (front) takes a moment for a quick pic in Lancaster at state convention.


November was a special month for the College of Nursing and its Chapter of the Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP-Villanova) —one of the larges and most active in the state. During the 59th annual state SNAP convention in Lancaster, Pa., SNAP-Villanova was again the winner of the "Most Outstanding Chapter in Pennsylvania”.  The chapter is also one of only 10 nursing programs in the United States (and the only chapter in Pennsylvania) to hold national Stellar School status from the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).  

Thirty nine Villanovans were present along with longtime chapter advisor Associate Professor Carol Toussie Weingarten, PhD, RN, ANEF. Including freshmen through seniors and BSN Express students, Villanova was one of the largest and most diverse groups at the convention which drew over 800 nursing students from across Pennsylvania. Dr. Weingarten notes, “As advisor, I received many, many compliments on the appearance and professionalism of Villanova's delegation as members attended the educational programs and House of Delegates and spoke to exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall.” 

The chapter was led by seniors President Megan Copel and Vice Presidents, Brittany Beckmann and Hillary Dutton.  Outcomes of the convention included:

·         Election of junior Jennifer Gil to the state Board as Region Coordinator

·         BSN Express 2011 graduate Matthew Liccketto completed his term as Secretary - Treasurer.  Every year since at least 1984, Villanovans have served on the state Board of SNAP. 

·         Passage of both of Villanova's resolutions by the House of Delegates.  Villanova holds the "unofficial" record of submitting a resolution each year since at least 1985.  This year, interest in legislative issues is so high in SNAP-Villanova that an unprecedented two resolutions were authored and submitted.  The resolutions are:

                     --"In support of Increased awareness of the dangers associated with indoor tanning."  Authors and  presenters on behalf of the chapter were sophomores Lauren Cebulski, Karley McBreen, and Lisa Novak.

                      --"Increased awareness of the psychosocial needs of young adult survivors of childhood cancer."  Author and presenter on behalf of the chapter:  Senior Sinead Kemmy.  Sinead also serves on the national Resolutions Committee for NSNA. (Her attendance at the 2012 NSNA convention will be sponsored by NSNA.) This resolution evolved from Sinead's research with mentor Associate Professor Mary Ann Cantrell, PhD, RN.  After Sinead spoke about the resolution in the House of Delegates, members of the House had the opportunity to speak "pro" or "con" to the resolution.  Two students from different schools came to the microphones to urge passage of Villanova's resolution.  Both were survivors of childhood cancer and felt that Villanova's resolution captured exactly what they had experienced and what few health care professionals had ever addressed.  The resolution was passed unanimously.

·         The chapter's newsletter, SNAPSHOTS (edited by junior Marie McClure), and web page (edited by senior Abigail Lewis) took runner up awards for the state

·         Sophomore Julia McGrath received a scholarship award for Excellence.  Julia and sophomore Ashley Traczuk assisted in coordination of convention Registration and of Monitors for the House of Delegates.


SNAP convention
Advisor Dr. Carol Weingarten with senior Sinead Kemmy who authored one resolution and mentored students who created a second one for state convention.