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Courtroom-Ready Preparation

Courtroom-Ready Preparation

Successful trial attorneys must be highly skilled in the complex art of the trial, and they must also possess a complete understanding of the law. At Villanova Law, we prepare students to become courtroom-ready advocates through our extensive Trial Advocacy programming and activities.

All Trial Advocacy classes are held in state-of-the-art courtroom-style classrooms and simulate the real courtroom experience. Our outstanding Trial Advocacy faculty includes members of the law school faculty, seasoned trial lawyers, and experienced state and federal trial court judges who will teach you both how to think and execute like a trail lawyer. Students learn how to analyze a case by identifying, evaluating and using evidence to prove a claim or defense, as well as how to execute a trial strategy by conducting crisp and compelling witness examinations, handling exhibits with precision and confidence, and delivering clear and persuasive arguments.

The best way to hone trial skills is to practice in simulated courtroom experiences. Villanova Law students have opportunities to compete for positions on two student organizations that focus on trial advocacy—Villanova’s National Trial Team and The Villanova Law Moot Court Board. The National Trial Team is a student organization that focuses on oral advocacy at the trial level. The Trial Team represents Villanova at regional and national competitions hosted by other law schools and bar associations across the country. In these competitions, the Trial Team competes against the nation’s best law student advocates in simulated jury trials, which are scored by judges and seasoned attorneys. The Moot Court Board showcases the appellate advocacy skills of our students. Members of the Moot Court Board have the opportunity to showcase their appellate advocacy and writing skills through competing in various National Appellate Advocacy competitions across the country.

“Trial is the most challenging aspect of being a lawyer, but also the most rewarding,” said Jerry Rassias ’19, Assistant District Attorney for Delaware County Pennsylvania and former member of the Villanova Law National Trial Team. “The program at Villanova helps build the foundation of invaluable courtroom skills any lawyer needs to be successful. For me, representing Villanova in Texas at the National Trial Competition helped cement my career path in the courtroom, and as an Assistant District Attorney, I’ve been able to use what I learned and apply it to public service for our community.”

Trial Advocacy course offerings include Advanced Issues in Criminal Law, Law of Investigations, Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy, Patent Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Interview/Counseling, Class Actions & Other Complex Litigation, and Deposition Strategy & Practice.

To learn more about Trial Advocacy and other conflict resolution offerings at Villanova Law, visit our Trial Advocacy web page