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Providing Invaluable Real-World Experience

When it comes to the law, nothing can replace the knowledge and skills gained through hands-on experience. That’s why Villanova Law offers a robust experiential learning program, which includes six clinics and 250+ externship opportunities in nonprofit, government and corporate settings.

Villanova Law’s comprehensive externship program offers students real work experience in placements that are tailored to individual career interests. Externships expand beyond the Philadelphia region and across all areas of law so students can focus on where and what they most want to learn.

Our credit-earning externships are rigorously supervised, semester-long learning opportunities. Students are paired with and meet regularly with a Villanova faculty adviser who has expertise in the area of placement. They also work under the guidance of an on-site field instructor, who works with the student and his/her adviser to meet personalized learning objectives.


The Villanova Law Difference - Externships

Yalda Hajavi_6.24.19

Yalda Hajavi '19

On her externship with Hogan & Vandenberg LLC

“I was shocked at the amount of responsibility John gave me. I had my own clients. I met with them, worked on their cases and performed client interviews. My day-to-day work was very much what it would be like to work there as a full-time attorney. I learned how to actually be a lawyer, but most importantly, John taught me the critical value of leading with my humanity first, especially when working in the field of immigration.”

Alyssa Pooler

Alyssa Pooler '19

On her externship with the House Committee on House Administration, Minority Staff

“This experience showed me my passion for election law and helped me really find my niche. Before my experience this fall, I knew I wanted to work on policy but now, not only do I have a resume full of election law experience, but I also have a passion for it."

travis nembhard

Travis Nembhard ’13

Administrative Judge, DC Government

“I was always interested in learning about the inner workings of the executive branch, but Professor Tuan Samahon often went above and beyond to pique student interest in government—for example, his extracurricular class trips to Supreme Court hearings, the National Constitution Center and the Liberty Bell. The cases he taught our class were also very much applicable to the kind of work I did during my internship.”



Christyan Telech

Christyan Telech '18

Business and Finance Associate, Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP

“I was lucky to have three externships, which solidified my passion for business law. All stressed the value of practical, adaptable and results-oriented attorneys who are ready to go on day one. Villanova's focus on business and law gave me the skills to communicate concepts, instantly legitimizing me to my supervisors."